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N2 bringz da scoop!

check it!

Yesterday, on 10.5, the long awaited Matrox G1000 video card was announced in China, prior to the official global announcement dated on 14.5. That shows how important the Chinese market is for Matrox.

The true name of the card that we called G1000 is Parhelia. The technicians from Matrox showed us many new features and technical specs of the G1000. According to the specs, the card is in fact superior to any other current video cards. Before the conference all the media participants have signed the NDA. Any report should wait until 14.5. Therefore we cannot reveal too much technical specs at the moment. But we would give you a few hints:

Parhelia is the world’s first 512 bit GPU. It’s produced with the 0.15-micron technology and has 80 million transistors. The 256 bit video memory has a bandwidth over 20GB/s. More information can only be disclosed on 14.5.

The technicians from Matrox also showed us the triple-head technology. It was really nice. Many editors from the media even got a personal feeling of it by playing Quake3 on three monitors.

[… comments on pictures ...]

Although it was only a sample card, but we still have got the feeling, that Parhelia will definitely change Matrox’s position on the current 3D video market and makes it a stronger competitor. For the end users, Parhelia means more options!


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