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I'm running the 21.81 detonators for Windows 2000.

I tried the 21.83, the 28.something, and a few others and they had some issues. The 21.81 drivers haven't been flawless for me, but they have run much better than the others.

It might help you to know what video card I'm using and the like, so here it is:
Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 64meg DVI
Windows 2000 professional
K6-III+ 450
Asus P5A-B
AWE 64 Gold

This is my music box. Main box is in my sig.

I'm not sure if the hardware affects which detonators work best for you or not, so I thought I might as well post my hardware config anyway. I'm usually use ATI video cards, so I don't pay too much attention to NVidia related stuff.

If you are asking which ones you should use, .:N2:., then I'd recommend starting out with the latest ones. They would probably work the best. If they do give you problems, then I would suggest working your way down the detonator versions.
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