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dual CPU duct??

well i think its time for me to build a duct and since i like making new things tell me what you think about this idea:

first thing to know is that i have a slot 1 cpu w/ a gorb HSF on it
second thing is i have a 120mm intake fan mounted on the side of the case blowing indirectly onto the HSF
third the gorb fan pulls air from above it and pushs it out through the fins on its sides

the intake duct would fit over the fins of the gorb with a tad of airspace around it (i'm thinking tacks in the duct would act as standoffs) and would curve to face the 120mm fan (so it gets the "freshest" air) this duct would also have 2 holes cut into it- a small one on the side facing the mobo to let air get to the chipset and a big one on the opposite side for the exhaust duct

the exhaust duct would as mentioned attach to a hole in the side of the part of the intake duct that covers the fins and would make a somewhat sharp 90degree turn to get to an 80mm exhaust fan at the rear of the case. also the end of the exhaust duct that attachs to the intake duct would have a reduced diameter (i plan on cutting a few wedges out of it) so that it will fit to that side fo the other duct

i'm attaching a crossecton of this so you will know what the heck im talking about! (please note that it is a really crappy drawing.. the exhaust duct would only have the smaller diameter after making the 90deg turn and nothing is to any kind of scale)

does anyone know if the increasing diameter of the exhaust duct would cause problems with getting air to move through the duct?

also would all the ductwork add resistance instead of streamlining airflow? (the whole reason for the duct is because the 120mm fan and the gorb fan work against each other, and i want to get the hot cpu air out of the case, and into my room :P)
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