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Re: 2 problems

Originally posted by majestic
1. printer reinstalled all the drivers put a new ink catrige in and still it insistes on printing blue as pink and red as yellow any ideas?
2. Cooler in one of my machines has developed a crunching sound and keeps changing speeds dose it need replacing or can i sort this by cleaning or some thing?

Hey I fix these for a living. If it start to make sound AFTER you installed the new cartridge try taking it out and shaking it. If it sounds like ROCKS are in there then chances are really good that you have a BAD cartridge. It was probably stored somewhere where it was really hot. This would cause the toner inside to clump together and make little chunks of toner.

This might be the reason why your having trouble with the blue. Please respond with MORE info OR PM me if you'd like and I'll be more than glad to help you outl.

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