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I thought about it a bit, and I don't really need a keyboard. I am going to use a trackpoint (laptop part) mounted in the dash next to the remote buttons for the stock AM/FM cassette deck. Possible on the back of the steering wheel. It has an air bag, so there's lots of space to work with there. This box is going to be based on a flex-atx motherboard like the one we used in the Nintendo and Color Classic mods. Probably mounted in a external SCSI HDD enclosure. This one is a TYAN Tomcat i810e.

It will be painfully simple.

Laptop IDE HDD, and no CD.

I am going to try to bypass the AC inverter. I have to modify an AT PSU, by feeding it directly from the cars power after the transformer. If I like the voltages that it puts out, that will be the way this goes. I figure that a 1 farad car audio stiffening cappacitor will cover any power sags. The inverter seems pretty stupid. Why conver 14v or so DC to 110v AC, just to convert it back to 12v, 5v, and 3.3v DC?

If I can build a stable 3.3v regulator, I will be using the PSU from a Mac LC. They are tiny. I want to regulate the 12v power down to 3.3v, rather than the 5v. 12v power is hardly used at all by this rig. The drive only needs 5v.
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