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Mime is 8k3a V1.0 so I dont have any led's to look at.
I tried not O/C and stripped down my system but still has the problem. I tried most of the bios (latest offical bios and the last 2 beta bios) but same result.

Below is the cut&paste from Epox Tech:
I am sure that this is not a bug of the BIOS, otherwise we would have had a lot of complaints regarding this.

Provided that your memory is good, setting it to read from SPD should be all that is necessary - there is no need to make unneccessary alterations to the BIOS which may confuse or worsen the issue at hand.

I have Crucial PC2100 256Mb sticks here which we have tested in 8K3A with BIOS from January right through to May with no problems regarding stability or SPD information being gathered by the mainboard. I feel therefore very confident that the mainboard is not the issue here.
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