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Dsherm112 10th February, 2005 03:26 AM

3400 Fan Cooler
I'm trying to install a cooler to this CPU. It's a Masscool 5T313B1H3G. Every time I lock the clamp down it pops back up after a few seconds. Is this due to a poor quality cooler, or is there a trick to keeping this clamped down.

I currently have a book holding it down hoping the thermal compound will glue it down eventually.


GrahamGarside 10th February, 2005 04:12 AM

the thermal compound shouldn't be relied on to hold it in place, the only kind I can think of that even would is ceramanique and even that wouldn't hold forever.
I take it it's an athlon 64?
if so turning both levers at the same time should do it, if you are following the guidelines correctly and it's still popping back up then that would suggest it is faulty.

cadaveca 10th February, 2005 06:13 AM

You could loosen the screws slightly on the clip bracket..the newer coolers don't seem to work with the old brackets or something. They are way too tight. I had the same problem with my recent 3400+ stock cooler...loosened the screws a bit, and all was good. Oh, i tighented them again afterwords. :thumbsup:

Dsherm112 10th February, 2005 02:36 PM

I walked away from it and when I came back it snapped on right away.



Gizmo 10th February, 2005 04:39 PM


Sometimes all it takes is a bit of a break.

Glad you were able to get it on. :thumbsup:

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