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Now lets not turn this into a legal discussion. I'm just showing off a new rig.

This machine was a Meridian CD-net 100m. I yanked the 486 out of it a long time ago, and dropped in a P233 MMX on an FIC 2005 board. I sold this machine once, but I have it back now. (Making it new again, I guess...) I am going to use the drawer from my In-Win a-500 case to convert this case to ATX so I can drop the XP 1800+ into it. Right now, it is only storage. I actually play the files over the network on the T-bird 900 @ 1035.

Current configuration:

96 meg
16 CD ROMs (One 40x, two 12x, one 8x, one 6x, ten 4x, and one 2x)
4.3 gig Seagate IDE
4.0 gig Fujitsu SCSI

When the 1800+ finds it's way into this box, it will also have the 1800+'s two raid arrays.

I have another one of those 7 CD towers, and I am currently rounding up 7 more drives to put in it. There are four in my old car down in St. Elmo, IL, and I know I have the other 3 around here somewhere. I'll have to scavenge the mac heap.
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