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Dumping money into a highend northie is a bad idea. I think the best performance will be with the 1.6a clock the fsb to 150 or so, and it will rock... take the money you'll save and get a Ti4200 3.5ns, and overclock that.. Get a raid board, 2 80gig HDDs, 1 gig of PC2700 ram... geez that's only a $1000 so far. I gotta try harder:

1.6 = $140
Ti4200= $180
1gig RAM = $300
raid mobo = $150
2 WD 8meg cache HDDs = $250

Throw in a 21 inch monitor, while your at it, wireless keyboard & mouse, scanner, laser printer, inkjet, tv tuner...

monitor ~500

I don't think I hit 2G's yet...
Wow, it's great spending other people's money.
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