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Sounds like clearing the BIOS is a good idea. You say you don't like to do that? Good response!

I don't think you can do any harm if you clear the BIOS the "hard" way. So, unplug the PS from the wall, or better, Power Strip. Then unplug the twenty-pin ATX power connector from the mainboard. Using a little strip of duct tape to glom onto the CMOS's button battery makes removing the battery easy. Just release the locking mechanism that holds the battery in its holder with needle-nose or forceps/hemostats, and remove the battery for ten minutes.

Replace it and plug the ATX power connector into the mobo. Then plug the PS into its power source. Ta-daah. All the BIOS is set to default.

After I destroyed a $120 mainboard by clearing the CMOS by the book, I much prefer the "hard" way!
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