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First, thanks for the link, haven't reead this yet

There's a lot of info here.

First, NO VOODOO SUPPORT (none at all). GF4 "guaranteed" to run both version of UT coming out, but they hinted the Radeon 8500 might not be enough for UT 2003 (which was later recanted, probably because someone from ATI was listening on IRC and had a fit ).

Then there's "mission critical" information, like:


[23:39] <FAT_BLUNT{WEED}> when i play UT and im stoned i play significantly better, do you believe this will be true in UT2003 too?

[23:40] <FAT_BLUNT{WEED}> will game installation be stoner friendly?

[23:40] <Drakken[DE]> FAT_BLUNT{WEED}[1]:[1] good question, time will tell

[23:41] <Drakken[DE]> heh

[23:41] <Orpheus> Drakken[DE], Digital Extremes is doing extensive Testing on that very matter.

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