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For that 94225 all it says is freq 133Mhz. I really don't see the connection. I see that only Asus and Chaintech and Epox use this clock generator. I was trying to compare the dividers between the 3, but they're all different. Also different BIOSs that I've used in my mobo gave me different maximum FSBs so if a BIOS can change the dividers then there is no technical data that will show that. Some people got upto 190Mhz FSB so there must be another divider, but Epox itself hasn't confirmed that. I'm just looking for a simple answer on where the dividers occur and what they are. I know of people who have email Epox about that and they denied that divider at 167. I though maybe you know since you're behind the scenes. I'm a big fan of that mobo and give alot of praise about it on all the message board. People ask me questions about it. My inability to answer doesn't help their buying decisions.
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