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Originally posted by sonny

Hmm... I've just been reading a bunch of his replys & I get the feeling of a PR department. It's just me I guess but I always wanted a direct answer when it came to forums. Everyone wants to learn but for a guy new to computers a spec sheet aint that easy to pick up. He still has to teach me how to fish & not just throw me the pole.
Hello Sonny. Please bear the following in mind. These forums are a very small part of his/her job. The time allowed is limited.

You have my assurance he/she is on the Tech/engineering side of things.

You are the first to be less than satisfied with the answers he/she has given.

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, sometimes, you get what you need."

Try re-asking your question, explaining your difficulty in finding your answer. Bearing in mind that you are asking a favor of someone.

I don't offer this as a criticism, but as one who has had to ask many favors to get this site up. One of them was for EPox to be here at all.
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