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Originally posted by Daniel ~
BTW, Please, no one throw rotten fruit, but did you check your users Manual? LOL
I know that the question here was of a very high overclocking ethic, but sometimes that is often the response that is given to some of those folks out there that don't read the manual.

It may sometimes sound condescending, but I bet you theres information in those manuals of ours that would teach some of the best overclockers out there a thing or two...... just because they haven't read them before.

Regarding this thing about 1/5 PCI divider. I don't expect many people to acheive this without performing a VIO mod on the motherboard anyway due to the fact that to acheive an FSB of greater than about 165MHz FSB, more than 3.3v I/O voltage is required.

Now I will set a challenge - who can make a VIO mod and publish for the 8KHA and 8KHA + ?

This once again as stated by Daniel will mean reading through specs and so on, but will also help folks to learn for themselves as they go along. It may also help people with their understanding of the electronics of a mainboard.

If no-body works it out I will place a modification guide in here myself, but only if and when I feel that you have all exceeded all of the possibilities.

I'll start a new topic entitled "8KHA VIO Mod" for any ideas to be placed in.
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