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DX9 to call for 128bit color rendering!?!

That's what I've been reading. Does this seem rediculous to anyone else? I can barely tell the difference between 16bit rendering and 32bit rendering. Most games I use 16bit textures and 32bit rendering. 128bit color is supposed to be better for cinematic effects. What do you guys think? Will you even be able to see the difference with modern displays?

Just to give a better idea about what 128-bit color is:

A pixel is made of three "sub-pixels", on Red, one Green, and one Blue.

With 32bit color there are 16.7 million possible pixel colors, and 256 possible sub-pixel shades. With 128bit color there are 4722366482.8 billion possible pixel colors, and 16.7 million sub-pixel shades.

That's just nuts!
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