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Re: DX9 to call for 128bit color rendering!?!

Originally posted by dimmreaper
With 32bit color there are 16.7 million possible pixel colors, and 256 possible sub-pixel shades. With 128bit color there are 4722366482.8 billion possible pixel colors, and 16.7 million sub-pixel shades.
Sorry Dimm, but lets get this right. 24bit colour gives you 16.7 pixel combinations. 32bit colour gives you 4294.9 million shades.

128bit colour would give you 3.4E38 colours. That's 340 undecillion colours, or 34 thousand billion billion billion billion colours. (Go on Kaitain, correct me! )

Most monitors struggle to do better than 24bit colour, and suffer a limited gamut into the bargain too. 128bit colour? Get real!

Within the limited gamut of the monitor, the eye can resolve about 16.7million colours (24bits). 32bit colour is already higher resolution than the eye can perceive (and most monitors can display) 128bit colour? No thanks.

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