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Quite right dimmreaper.

Whilst many have published memory bandwidth scores for the 735 showing it to be quite a performer for quite a good unit price per 1000, the fact remains that driver-windows link support for that chipset may be what is causing a problem for it.

I have heard many reports about the chipsets stability issues (although I've never witnessed them).

You will find that the larger or premium quality manufacturers stay away from certain chipsets or only manufacture using them in a limited quantity of boards.

EPoX's main DDR concerns lie with their proven succesful products the 8KHA and 8K7A/+ and now the also the 8KHA+.

If people do want a SiS mainboard, there are always going to be manufacturers making them.

Admittedly SiS735 does enable manufacturers to make a cheaper DDR product due to its 1 chip design.

EPoX try to exceptional offer quality and value at a slighly higher price than budget and lower price than the more expensive mainboards.
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