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Re: Changing partitions screwed up Windows and Linux

Originally posted by sfa ok
I was deleting and creating some partitions in Partitionmagic. After it was finished, everything was screwed up.
Nice. (; You have to be VERY VERY careful using Partition Magic. It's usable, but only if you understand the implications of what you do! (;

What did you do with the partitions? You say you were deleted and creating some partitions - what sort of partitions in what place on the disk. The layout of the partitions makes a huge impact if you change them - the order is critical.

The LILO not finding the kernel means you've moved the boot file system (/boot if you have one, / if you don't) to a different partition. You may not have done this directly, but if you altered ANY partitions before it, then you have changed where the boot file system is!

I presume you modified the partition that Windows had its swap file on - I don't know offhand of a good fix for it though. I'll see what I can find.

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