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You can't use the port that's right next to the uplink port if the uplink port is being used, which is normal, AFAIK.
For your hub, yes this is correct. The uplink port and the port next to it are actually the same port, but the uplink connector has been crossed over so you don't need to use a crossover cable.

Is it normal for the LED's to not correspond with the ID number of the port that's in use? In other words, if I use port #5 the LED's for port #3 may light up, but not the LED's for port #5. Then the uplink port's LED's may remain dark, yet port #2's LED's light up, and the uplink works normally, even though its LED's don't light up at all.
No, this is not normal. It suggests there's a fault with circuitry that deals with the LEDs. The hub will continue to work, as the circuit that lights the LEDs is different to the circuit that actually does the networking. If you've obtained it recently, I'd take it back and get a replacement!

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