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Originally posted by cloasters
Higher FSB is better for good performance than higher Clock Speed, isn't it? FSB is everything while clock speed just looks good. Or am I wrong?
Yes and no..
I wanted to experiment a little because running 167 FSB is a bit iffy with PCI at 41.7, and AGP at 83+. It ran fine for a while, but I wasn't sure if the high mhz, with latency being tweaked wasn't a good thing.... So I had to mess with it.

And I fold!

I'm back up on my main machine again... It really comes in handy to have a few back up machines lying around :-D . I strongly suspect my Video is the culprit... The June driver for my Radeon could be the cause. I've already overclocked the old LE to retail specs (flashed), and after updating the driver, I've gotten a couple of AGP errors. When I reinstalled last night, the June driver was there. (just noticed this time around, and didn't do it this time ). So I'll start pushing it again... What was the subject of this thread again???
1760 seems stable
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