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Re: 8kha+

Originally posted by bldegle2
the newer bios's for that board kick in the 1/5 divider @166 and beyond, just like the 8k3a+.

puts PCI and AGP back into spec.....
Please let's not start this again, K?? If Epox tech says it's so, I'll believe him.. I was running 10.5x166.7, and PCI and AGP was way out of spec and had huge latency.. My HDD is connected to a PCI card, and performance sucked as a result. I've indirectly been trying to measure it, and my HDD peformance degrades at higher FSBs. PCI latency to run stable at higher FSBs are the only conclusion I could come up with. My best HDD performance is at spec 133fsb. By your theory, it should be equal at 166.
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