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Question Intel 810E

What on earth am I going to do

When I was told my parents where going to get my machine for me I thought great my dad is quite good with computers he will get me a good one

So after much discussion they brought me this back, I don't like being ungreatful but what can I do with this. Incomes a Intel Celeron System with a jumperless mobo with the Intel 810E chipset. intels own desktop board with built on sound, lan, usb controller blah blah I freaked that they had also had a HCF Modem so straight away I had to go download some HCF drivers for linux, I use a dual boot system windows 2000 pro for my uni specific programs and red hat for everything else.

How on earth do I clock this piece of junk, a jumperless mobo, no settings in the bios a rubbish bios at that no power settings etc. Someone help me I'm going to pull my hair out.
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