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As there isn't a proper jumper to clear the CMOS on your board, I advise doing this. It's time consuming and a bit of APITA, but I destroyed an Asus mainboard when I shorted the two solder nubs. To me, it's worth the extra hassle!

Boot into BIOS and set everything to Setup Default. Shut down the box.

Unplug the PS from the power strip. Then unplug the 20-Pin ATX power connector from the mainboard. Then remove the CMOS battery for 15 minutes. A little strip of duct tape makes messing with the battery a LOT easier.

Then put the battery back into its "holder." Then plug the 20-Pin ATX power connector back into the motherboard. Then plug the PS into the power strip.

The password ridiculousness is now gone. If I don't need to protect my machine from idiots, I never set BIOS passwords.
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