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170 Deg F.....


Cooling Cooling Cooling...

Case fans, good heatsink, good fan on the heatsink...

Or Water Cooling

Or a Phase Change cooling solution (Vapochill, or Promethia).

You should be at a max around 130 Deg F... for average use, and 135 to 140 for load (and thats max temps).

Good temps would be around 100 to 110 idle and 120 to 130 under load.

Toss the Panaflo and get a Delta80 or Vantec Tornado (although you will end up deaf if you leave the case open with either of these 80mm fans {sarcasime})... AX-7 needs good airflow for 1.8Ghz (been their done that gone back to the Alpha8045).
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