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Your cpu temps seem off (high) for your HS/F combo. I have an AX7/Sunon 80mm 3900rpm/50cfm, cooling an XP2100+ running at 1802mHz (139 fsb X 13.0, 1.75vcore). I use Arctic Silver III thermal paste.

The AX7/Sunon performance (typical values):
At 100% cpu output...
mobo temp = 28°C, cpu temp = 46-47°C (approx 116°F)
At cpu idle...
mobo temp = 28°C, cpu temp = 39-40°C (approx 103°F)

Your cpu fan is faster than mine, so you are probably putting out more air flow. You may want to check:

-- Is HS fully seated flat and parallel, and in good contact with the cpu core? Ensure it is not resting on the ledge of the cpu socket itself.
-- Did you use any thermal conductive paste between HS and cpu core? I removed the installed thermal pad and used Arctic Silver III.
-- Is your fan blowing down onto the heat sink, and not blowing away?
-- I also lapped my AX7 prior to installation, getting a good, flat, polished surface using 600 grit emery paper. This may be a bit overkill, but what the heck!
-- What are your case/mobo temps like? Do you have good ventillation?

I use a 120mm front/bottom blowing in, and a 120mm top/rear blowing out. Dual fan PS, plus a slot blower next to my MSI GF4 Ti4400 to pull out hot air from the vid card.

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