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Unle Bob... I went threw the same problems with the heatsinks...

I've actually gone back to the Alpha8045 (but I'm thinking about get'n the SLK800/Tornado combo just to see if it will improve my systems performance).

My problem right now is Case airflow...

I've gone from 180cfm intake/165 cfm exhaust (rough est) to probably under 90cfm intake/85 to 90cfm exhaust in the new box (Addtronics W8500 to Kingwin 456WM).

Old case had 3 92mm and 1 80mm intake and 4 80mm exhaust fans (then again it was a server case).

New case has 2 80mm intakes and 3 80mm exhaust (exhaust fans are slower then the intake fans which almost makes up for it).

If the MX-EVA3 or Promethia's don't come out soon I'm going to end up slap'n 2 Vantec Tornaodo 80's in the front and Delta80's in the rear (leaving the top fan alone)... I don't want to go deaf, so someone, anyone offer a good phase change solution in the US sooon!!!! Vapo's are okay but are expensive!!!

Just thinking out loud...

Okay on to your problems...

1.9 volts is a little high but shouldn't lock up with good cooling.

Have you tried the Alpha8045 back on it (with the heatsink being larger it should be able to absorb more heat over a longer period of time). I remember [H] doing a HSF review where the Alpha8045 and Thermalright SK6 went head to head... at 1.6Ghz and lower the SK6 was better... above 1.6Ghz though the 8045 took the advantage (was able to absorb more heat and disipate it easier, where the SK6 could aborb smaller amounts of heat quicker, but its disipation was what held it back).

Comparison tests show on average the SK6 is close to both the AX-7 and Alpha8045 in heat absorbtion... But the AX-7 is just like the SK6 (not enough surface area on the fins for a fast heat disipation). Its the large aluminum brick in the center of it that holds it back.

SLk800/Vantec Tornado combo... that may get you to 1850 or higher.

Oh I have had a AX-7/delta80 on a 1800+ that would do 1850 at 1.85v but it wasn't stable... Alpha8045/delta80 on same cpu made it stable at 1890 (but it would not stay stable above 1900 which sucked).
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