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Thermaltake orbs got a lot of free publicity by "me too" -ing onto the popularity of the Panaflo Orbs. These distinctive HS's were pulled from a lot of old H-P Servers by smart "PC junkyards." Then modded to fit on 6x86 processors, and sold at a handsome profit.

Perhaps the profit wasn't all that handsome, real machining has to be done to convert the Panaflo's and a clamp mechanism needs to be added, too.
At any rate, the Panaflo's worked very well and looked very intriguing, too. The first "Orb" from Thermaltake didn't work anywhere near as well, and didn't look as interesting as the original, either.

Unfortunately for the thermal health of OC'd CPU's, Thermaltake's Orbs sold very well. Folks in Europe thought they were a high performance HSF. Let's face it, people often don't have the time nor the inclination for research. The "gotta have it NOW" disease runs rampant, in 'consumerism is all' societies. Nobody is immune!

AFAIK, the recent Orbital efforts from Thermaltake aren't bad HSF's. Nonetheless, count me off the list of owner's.

As sonny suggested, a Thermalright SK-6 is the ticket. Add a screamin' Delta 38, watch those temps plummet. The Delta may be a tiny bit louder(~20 dba) than the fan in your Orb, but sacrifices MUST be made for OC'd performance. Unless you want to get into water cooling.
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