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Originally posted by robbie
Oh man that got's to suck. It's best that you lose a couple of WU (well more like 100-200 for you!!!) Then lose a few systems. Did you see the Mod that I did to my ECS??
Probably more like 15-20.. not that bad, since it was only down for about 12 hours.

I saw the mods, looks cool. I was thinking about similar stuff for my ECS... Things get hot in the case, but I'm going to take a different approach... I'm using a volcano7, and it spins fast due to high case temps... So I'm gonna cut a hole on the side and blow air in directly over the cpu. Anyway, it's going to have to wait until I get my son's back up again. Plus I have 3 pc's in pieces, that are going to different people. I've been meaning to start on those for a while now. There should be 2 usable machines from all the parts.
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