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The XP ****+ cpu's aren't as easy to bridge as The Spider has made reference to. There is the matter of filling in the valley between the contact points before you can even attempt to bridge them.

Overclocking your chip is going to carry risks in it's self so if you are worried about frying it you may want to weigh the options before you start. The best thing I can offer you is to read as much as possible about overclocking that you can find. This will allow you to make a better decision and teach you the limitations of what to expect.

You may want to start on a duron or other less costly chip and get a feel for what you are doing before trying a mod on a XP chip.

I don't mean to scare you off but you really want to acquire as much info on the subject as you can get before embarking on this journey. One of the guys here I think had something in their signature that stuck with me. It said " Overclocking with pencil and paper”. This meant he was calculating what the outcome would be prior to application in real life. One other signature that comes to mind is " The key to a successful overclock is knowledge".

Good luck in your journey into the overclocking world. If you have any more questions ask away. The people here are more than willing to help.

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