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My first two posts to you Deanril :

Alas poor EPoX! They are losing customers NO board manufacture wants!

People who expect what they have no right to expect, then go crying from forum to forum.

Making some of the lamest consumer threats I've ever heard!

You and your fellows are going to spread the word and put them out of business??? ROTFLMAO!!

Dude, it's not EPoX whose in trouble here, it's you! There are others like you?! Well DOH! That's why teaching hardware forums exist!

The difference between you and the vast majority is that they don't expect the world to fall on it's face because you can't deal with the KNOWN limitations ANY board brings to the table.

What am I? the twentieth guy to tell you this?

I'm not sure you realize that EVERY board ever made produces a SERIES of BIOSes.

In time EPoX may pull off what you want, if they do it won't have a thing to do with crying and whinning and making what are really rather unintelligent threats by people who can't seem to understand the process even when it's explained to them.

For every guy such as your self who can't seem to either read nor understand "Use at your own risk" There are a 100 who understand what BETA means and work within the limitations implied, often with great results, sometimes not, THAT'S what BETA means, some times not!

Re-read this thread and ask yourself if it isn't time for you to grow a little and at lest try and understand what your being REPEATEDLY told.

The fault here is none but your own.

2nd. post to you:

Actually no. It sounds like someone who doesn't blame the manufacturer but works with the board to gain what there is to be had. You see that's the whole point. HE understands that trade offs are the name of the game. He'd like more, who wouldn't.

But he's not blaming EPoX for serving the majority of it's customers well. Or for making decisions they feel are right for the board. Missing is the arrogance which presumes to tell EPoX how to best serve it's customers.

It's cool to say I want this or that. We all want this or that. You want a Chevy buy a Chevy, don't carp because it's not a Ford!

I could care less about things that are vital to another. I look for a board that suits MY needs. Which may not be in the lest the board for you. Does that make either of us wrong?

Does that make my board manufacturer more responsive to my needs than yours? Most people love this board and work with it's limitations.

By the way I haven't bought a new board in over a year and so haven't got an EPoX. But I read these forums day in and day out and would not hesitated to do so.

P.S. I'm not saying your a dumb ****, I'm saying you've taken a dumb approach to this issue, one you might easy correct. You probably know more about Overclocking than I do, most folks here do!

But you could learn something here if you have a mind to.....

Your responce:

"You must be the Brainiack infinate wisdom Mod who moved My Epox mobo thread into AMD motherboards, yeah I really want to thank you for doing that, allthough it made absolutely no sense what so ever"

Maybe YOU should take two minutes to.... You really don't have to be this big an ass do you?
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