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Originally posted by Deanril
If you were to take 2 minutes, and read the thread from start to finish, you would find, yes Im a self-righteous (as mookydooky pointed out) Im not very good at expressing my opinion Nicely.

I did not call anybody names, I was not deliberately mean to anyone, I followed some set of common courtesy. Only when the common courtesy was broken by "The Owner" if you can believe that , then I briefly became a little hostile, now I know none of you will bother reading back, none of you will see what his post was saying to me, he cant do no wrong.

He put things in not such a nice way, then I did, and mine werent too bad at that.

Thanx for the comment: mookydooky your 100% right

Southern Man: good damage control

SPQQKY: yes hot headed sorry.

Ok, I took the 2 minutes to reread the thread. It seems to me that you reacted to Daniel~'s first post a rashly. I think Daniel~ was trying to be helpful and I think you misunderstood it as criticism. Daniel~ then said you should stay out of the EPoX forum (the main reason for that is that the EPoX Tech here would just ignore it and might even be offended which I can understand), then you called him a "brainiack." I think it was at that point that things really went downhill. Regardless, I'm not trying to lay blame on anyone. If it looks like I'm blaming you, I'm not. Things happen in the heat of discussion and everything looks cool now. The mobo thing is an issue which I'm sure EPoX is well aware of. Whether they do anything about it...we'll see how seriously they take customer satisfaction. BTW I don't have one of these boards, but I am very happy with all 4 of my 8KHA+'s. I have an Abit AT7 which uses the same chipset as the 8K3A and I can't seem to get it over 170, not enough VDimm for my PC2100 Crucial RAM.
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