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'People who expect what they have no right to expect, then go crying from forum to forum"

OK first off calling me a baby here, then saying I have no right to expect a bug free bios with similar performance as the original.

"Making some of the lamest consumer threats I've ever heard!"

I threatoned no one, or no company, I explained reality, maybe not as you see it but as the people who buy these boards do.

"You and your fellows are going to spread the word and put them out of business??? ROTFLMAO"

stereo typing me with others who complain, laughing it up at my expense

"Dude, it's not EPoX whose in trouble here, it's you! There are others like you?! Well DOH! That's why teaching hardware forums exist!"

Telling me that Im ignorant because Epox has no problem only I and the others who constantly complain have problems, telling me that his forum will teach me as if Im a newby dont no anything , would put a floppy in backwards if given the oportunity.

"The difference between you and the vast majority is that they don't expect the world to fall on it's face because you can't deal with the KNOWN limitations ANY board brings to the table."

Assuming I knew when I bought the board that the bios's from then on would all be castrated, basicly saying again Im ignorant if I cant get my mem scores the same as the rest of the KT333 boards.

"What am I? the twentieth guy to tell you this?"

Assuming I constantly complain, Im a complainer, when infact this is my very very first on any board about a piece of hardware I own.

"I'm not sure you realize that EVERY board ever made produces a SERIES of BIOSes"

Again saying Im ignorant dont know how bios's work, they fix it slows.

"In time EPoX may pull off what you want, if they do it won't have a thing to do with crying and whinning and making what are really rather unintelligent threats by people who can't seem to understand the process even when it's explained to them."

Crying and whinning , wtf??


Thats enough I could go on and on, Im sure Daniel is sick of this complaint in HIS forums, I know where he is coming from. But he let loose on me first. I dont care how you look at it.

My Complaint was meant to be 1 post, so et can put a little mental tick mark in his head and hopefully after so many tick marks he would take the time to stroll down to the bios department and say look guys we need to do something here.

Its not that Im not willing to listen or be helped, Im not asking for anybodys help, Im asking for a new bios, and as a customer who bought an EPOX mobo who are you to tell me I dont have that right?

"People who expect what they have no right to expect"

Does Epox have a Forum?? If so can you give me a link please??

If they dont have a Forum then they are using you, and to protect ET isnt relevant.
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