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Originally posted by Deanril
...If they dont have a Forum then they are using you, and to protect ET isnt relevant...
Ok, I can see how you felt slighted. This part though, is wrong. The ET is here completely on his own time as a volunteer. He is not paid by EPoX to scan our forum and answer questions. He does it because he himself is also an enthusiast and enjoys helping others get the most out of their machines. He is also at the same time bound by various non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with his employer which limit the range of his answers. The only reason he's here is because he chooses to be here. He can just as easily unchoose to be here at which point we would have no other recourse concerning overclocking since EPoX (like every other mobo manufacturer) will not officially support it.

Let me ask you; if you were to volunteer your free time to help a group of like minded people out, but all you got was grief over and over concerning the same thing (this particular topic has been well covered in the EPoX section) would you continue to volunteer?

The ET over at is no more. They haven't had one for about 4 months now. My guess is that the ET over there just got tired of putting up with the same **** over and over again and just stopped. We don't want the same thing happening over here.

Listen Deanril, you sound like you know your stuff. You could probably be a valuable addition to our forum with your knowledge and experience. If you could just lighten up a bit, then maybe you would also get a little more respect. If you need help lightening up, take a look at the joke forum. Look at my sig for the link.
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