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Kewl, I thought she looked Korean. I actually spent a year and a half in Korea, got to know alot of Korean women. Would love to have one as a wife they really treat their men well.

Someone said I was a know it all in her too 100 or so posts back, I never claimed to be a Mr. Icee, I just said I push evrything to the max, I could have pc1600 and a voodoo1 for all that matters, I just push everything to the max. And when you from 172fsb to 190 you expect a few things. #1 performance.

Look at the bench below thats what I want, but I wont get it with out Cpu Decode. Thats why I bought this board, to Exploit the hungry FSB of the XP. When the reviews were zinging around they were all doing like 175 fsb and using 2312, I have some issues with 2312.

Here is where my Epox lives if your interested, the board stays very cool, I can push things further then without, but it does no good. Thats a fridge board stays around 40F or 2-3C I guess.
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