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Originally posted by dimmreaper
I've got some drafts of a possible production block. It will have approximately 20% more effective internal surface area as other socket sized maze blocks(DD Maze1, BeCooling copper waterjacket). It will be of a "low preasure drop" design. Channels will be "jagged edged" via a roughing end mill, same technique BeCooling uses. It will have a nice beefy 0.200" inch thick base. It will be triple annodized on the outside, in either red or black not sure which yet, to protect from oxidization. That machining quality will be a bit better than Danger Den and close to that of Swiftech. Each block will come lapped, pressure tested to 100PSI, and under go submersion testing(pumping air in to it while submerging it in a tank of water to search for leaks). The block would come with 7/16" hose barbs(maybe 1/2" if I can find some barbs with smaller threaded ends), barbs would be pre-reamed to maximum tolerances. And if I go ahead with this I'll talk to the guys at ArcticSilver about those little packets of AS2 that come with the Millenium Glaciator.

What would you be willing to pay for a quality product like this Phiber? And Colin if you see this, what would you be willing to pay, assuming it performs better than any block currently on the market?

I'm looking at around $35 +S&H, maybe a little more as this block will require more machine work than any other block on the market. I plan to market the block competatively if I go ahead with this(realize that I am still in the developement stages, so I'm not sure if this will prove a viable solution yet). I already talked to my Dad(the shop owner) and he said if I think I can make money at this to go for it. He will let me use the machines for nothing, just have to pitch in on the power bill. And we might be getting a new CNC mill in DEC/JAN
hey i would surely pay about $35
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