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Thanks guys for all the comments and sugestions.
Lets see here. My OS is win98se fully updated. I have run Scandisk several times and no improvement.
Now, my IBM drive which is the bad performer is a 40gig drive with an 8gig partition. It is using about 7gigs with a gig to spare. The Maxtor which has the very high benchmark, is presently nearly empty and is a 40 gig also. I am thinking of doing exactly what was suggested. I just got some new software (partition magic) and I am going to copy the IBM drive intact over to the Maxtor and see if it solves the problem. At the same time I am going to re-partition the IBM to one big 40gig drive and see if that helps.
You know, it wouldn't suporise me for a second if the whole problem is this IBM drive. Twice now in the last few months, I have been unable to boot from the IBM and went into the bios and found it undetected ,and in the listing for the drive, all it had was a bunch of meaningless symbols and gobbly gook. After trying to redect it manually a few times, it will finally kick in and start working again. It's kind of like it gets scrambled or something. Your thoughts on all of this??
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