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Go back through your user config file and tell it to connect without asking. The simplest way I know to remidy this is to delete the client.cfg file and restart the program. Re enter your info as normal. It will ask you if it should connect without asking. Tell it YES.

If you wish to try and edit the client.cfg file, open it with note pad or some other editor and have at it.


OOPS, Just read your post all the way through.

Try deleting the config file and re-doing it if you feel it's the program. If you think it's the browser then try going in and setting the internet options to dial when a program requests a connection. It's under settings under the connection tab. As I recall you have to go one step further into the settings page to get to it.

Good Luck, I used to have to deal with this all of the time until I got the cable hooked up.
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