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I'm using the te version of SiSOft Sandra, the lastest version. What I find interesting is that my brother's machine (Epox 8KHA) also has the same when you click on either the CPU benchmarks or memory benchmarks Sandra freezes. Now the only common thing between my brothers machine and mine (Epox 8KHA+) is that we used the same downloaded version of Via's service pack 4.33 and not the one supplied 4.32. Could it be Via's service pack thats causing the problem. Also I dont have the machine overclocked, it set at default 10.5X by 133FSB.

Another thing to note...if I perform tune up wizard on Sandra it says my FSB is too high for my chipset..(What gives there) when I am only running it at default speed...

How can you change the Via chipset drivers without installing windows again....

My memory settings in the bios is set at default (normal) haven't tweaked it yet....

Thanks Epox and co.....

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