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I'm back with some more news, I'm sorry for taking so long but I've been working like 12 hours a day in the development of this block so there are some days I'm so wasted at night I just eat and go straight to bed.

As I told you I talked to someone that's much more experienced in the cast process than me and he identified the problems in the mold and tought me some new techniques for precision casting. So I did cast the block yesterday, it looked good but after thinking about it over and over again I decided I wouldn't make it available yet because it can be made better using those new techniques I mentioned, right now I'm building some new tools to make that possible, at the same time my partner is switching the blower from ouw blast furnace to a bigger one so the copper will be even hotter when cast.

The reason why I'm not posting pics of the block I made yesterday is that, as I told you it's not as good as the one I will be selling, also I didn't want to sopend any time giving it finish so I'm sure some people would look at it and have wrong ideas about what the final block will be, I mean, underestimate it. So that's why I only want to post pics of the final product.

If nothing else goes wrong (I don't think it will) I will have a couple of blocks for testing by the end of this week. I know it's like the 10th time I say that but sometimes sh** happens, I'm working really hard to make this product as good as it can be and as fast as I can so you can keep checking this thread for any future updates.

Bruno Facca
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