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Re: CDR/RW, Lifespan & Burn-speed

Originally posted by spirits247
Just a few questions:

1) What's the approx. storage lifespan of CDRW? Is it worse than CDR? I'm not bothered about the amount of times CDRW can be written to, just the expected storage lifespan. I don't want to rely on my CDRW backups only to find they've become corrupt!

2) Does burn speed effect storage lifespan? Currently I have a 4x burner so it's not an issue, but I've heard high-speed burners result in poorer quality and less reliable (in terms of lifespan) copies.

3) Bottom line - should I continue to rely on CDRW's for my primary back-ups, or should I use CDR's for long-term storage of important data?

Thanks for anyone’s help, much appreciated!
CDR media do not really have life epxectancies... but I imagine the materials that compose the cdr disc would degrade over time in "less than ideal" storage conditions (frequent heat/moisture fluctuations).

Data degradation of the type you're referring to is only prevalent in magnetic media (like floppies, harddrives, tape storage, and magneto optical discs -- like minidiscs).

Would I trust my data on a properly written cdr over a harddrive? You betcha
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