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cool. that's even easier.
If you've already got it setup, and it works, and you see both drives in Windows Exploder... AND, it's booting to the C: drive, and if you want the D: drive as slave, just format the D: drive from your Win98 Boot disk if you want. Or, just use Windows Exploder to delete EVERYTHING in D: I generally just format it, just to make it very clean. BUT:::make SURE it boots to C: first.

When you're formatting D: from the WIN98 Boot disk, just boot to A: with the disk in, then type: format D: and make SURE it says D: or, you'll lose your o/s. Always double check before you hit the enter key.

I do this, too.... I have two 40gb drives that are each split into two 20gb partitions, and I install my games on my F: drive, and a lot of my programs on my E: drive. Works perfectly.

That way, I can share some of the stuff with Win2K when I boot into it.

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