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Unhappy cant boot, wont boot, cant flash, wont flash. cant live, help

Please help before I have a nervous breakdown.

I have purchased an epox mother board, model number EP-8K3A+.
I have an AMD Athlon XP2200 installed.
I have a Matrox hard drive which I used on my old system, with winXP installed. This has my previous programs on it, which I need to use. So I do not wish to format this drive. This is attached to IDE 1.

I have a DVD player attached as master and DVD recorder attached as slave on IDE2.

I have tried to flash the BIOS using the BIOS image file downloaded from your website, file 8K3a2815.bin.

When I try to boot the Pc I can get in to the Bios set up. After set up I am struggling to boot, with the pc halting with the message ‘verifying DMI pool data’ and progressing no further.

When I try to Flash the BIOS using ALT+F2 I get a message saying ‘ file name to program’ and ‘waiting’. What file name do I need to enter and is the waiting message stating that it is waiting for me to enter this, or is it waiting while it searches for this file name?

It would help if you could answer the following questions as well:

1. should it cause problems if I try to use my existing hard drive with windows XP on it?
2. Should it cause problems using 2 hard drives on IDE1?
3. Should it cause problems using a DVD player and DVD recorder/writer on IDE 2?

I hope you can help as I am now getting very tired and frustrated after three days of trying to sort this out.

Thank you.

Athlon 2200
Maxtor 60g
Maxtor 20g
WinXP home
PSU Samcheer 300w
Phillips DVD writer
Hitachi DVD player
GPU Gainward GF4 Golden Sample
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