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Re: cant boot, wont boot, cant flash, wont flash. cant live, help

Originally posted by stallen
....It would help if you could answer the following questions as well:

1. should it cause problems if I try to use my existing hard drive with windows XP on it?
2. Should it cause problems using 2 hard drives on IDE1?
3. Should it cause problems using a DVD player and DVD recorder/writer on IDE 2?
Silly comment, but do you have a bootable floppy with the updated bios on it?

To answer your other questions,
1. Depends on the previous mobo.. If it is remotely similiar, XP should be able to detect and update the drivers for you. You may have to do a repair, but this would not impact installed software.
2. No, as long as you have cable select or master/slave configured properly.
3. No, same as 2. (There may be slight performance hits, but nothing major.)

Once you have everything working... you can always use the raid channels for your HDDs so everything can run as masters if you want, but let's not go there yet.
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