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Re: cant boot, wont boot, cant flash, wont flash. cant live, help

Originally posted by stallen
Please help before I have a nervous breakdown.

I have tried to flash the BIOS using the BIOS image file downloaded from your website, file 8K3a2815.bin.

When I try to Flash the BIOS using ALT+F2 I get a message saying ‘ file name to program’ and ‘waiting’. What file name do I need to enter and is the waiting message stating that it is waiting for me to enter this, or is it waiting while it searches for this file name?

I hope you can help as I am now getting very tired and frustrated after three days of trying to sort this out.

Thank you.
When it ask's for the file name what you want to put in is one of the "bin's" like, 8KHI2529.BIN or like you said 8K3a2815.bin, etc.
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