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Welcome to AOA, stallen. Glad to have you on board!

Folks easily forget that the info on their old tried and true HDD packed with goodness painstakingly collected over time just might have an issue with a brand new motherboard.

The HDD 'thinks' that the old mainboard with its old familiar BIOS is on the other end of its IDE ribbon. It's not.

If you booted into Safe Mode and deleted every driver in Device Manager, then shut down the machine, right before you replaced your mobo with the new one, you MIGHT have avoided the pickle you are now in.

I'm hopeful that the suggestions you've received will lead you into Maxtor/Epox happiness. If they don't, I hope you can copy your important data from the Maxtor to a DVD-ROM, or another HDD. For which you will probably need an extra machine. Depending on how important this data is, you may have to reinstall your previous mainboard to enable saving it from the Maxtor to another drive. If you don't have a "B Box," that is.

We all hate to hear this, sorry. You may have to fdisk and format the Maxtor, so that it will be happy with the new mainboard. I decided to fdisk and format my main drive before installing XP recently. But I'm lucky, I have an extra HDD that I transfer important data to before I do "reconstruction" projects, be they changing hardware, or simply getting a fresh start with a new OS.

It's OK to use a Win98SE boot floppy when you need to fdisk and format. You can change FAT32 partitions to NTFS as needed when, or after you install XP Pro.
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