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To everyone who has bothered to take the time to reply, thank you. You have all helped to restore my faith in mankind.

I made another boot disk and installed the new BIOS, which worked. there are a few minor problems at the moment, such as my DVD and DVD writer not showing up. When i look in devices on the system it says that its a code 12 i.e. disable some devices. I think this is down to some of the software i installed from epox. I think i will be able to sort it out but any suggestions would be welcome as i am unsure at this moment which devices to disable.

I have my 2 Drives on the same IDE, which i think in theory shouldnt cause a problem.

I have my DVD and DVD writer on the same IDE as well. I was thinking of putting my HDDs on the RAID IDEs, what do you think? can i do this without having HDDs on IDE1 and 2?

Anyway guys, keep the suggestions coming, and once again thanks to you all.

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