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Originally posted by stallen
.....The other thing i forgot to mention was that nowhere in the BIOS set up can i see anything to configure my CPU speed. It does say though that it is set to 1500+. I have an AthlonXP 2200. Have i gone blind, or just stupid?
No, where it is set for 1500+, select it, and hit the enter key.. A menu should pop up that gives you many choices. Either the first or last choice is User Define... By selecting this, you will open up a few additional inputs to allow you to change multipliers and FSB. The same thing holds true for voltages on the same screen.

BTW, On my AT7, I have 3 hdds, all masters connected to the RAID controller.. In the bios, I have the first boot device set to RAID133, and I have my DVD and CDRW set as masters on the regular IDEs. This should work for you too.. Sounds like the conflicts you have may be due to incorrect jumper settings for master/slave. If you do it the way I did, everything will be a master on it's own cable. Good Luck.
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