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(Based on the comments in the other thread), nothing you do in windows should cause an issue like the one you have. Any POST errors are 99% of the time hardware related.

You've tried some of the things I would recommend, also be sure to re-seat (take out and put back in) all your PCI cards and cabling.

If you have to, reset the CMOS and remove the battery from the motherboard for an hour. Those are the first steps to troubleshooting, next would be swapping out components in hopes of possibly finding something other than the motherboard causing the issue.

Do lights come on and drives spin up? You also want to be sure the cmos jumper is on correctly, PCs will not boot without the cmos jumper being in the correct position.

Be sure to consult your manual for the error code. Mine has them, but don't match yours (25h is a reserved/non error in my manual, so you'll have to consult yours)

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