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Hi guys, as pinky suggested i have reseated the vid card and wiring, didnt work so i have now removed the battery and discharging the CMOS. I did try another athlon cpu 1.4 earlier and that didnt work either.
I checked the CPUs for damage, couldnt see anything.
When discharged CMOS earlier i did have the power switch on the rear of the case set to off, but i hadnt unplugged the cable, dont know whether this would have made a difference or not.

Anyway guys, i shall let you know if removing the battery helped.

I hope i can sort this out tonight as i am going out and getting pissed to celebrate the birth of my friends baby boy, and just for good measure i will chase a few lap dancers whilst i am at it.
So you can see if i dont sort it out tonight i may not be in a fit state tomorrow.

thanks guys.

Athlon 2200
Maxtor 60g
Maxtor 20g
WinXP home
PSU Samcheer 300w
Phillips DVD writer
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