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Unlocking the Multiplier of K7 CPU's is done by Swiss watch making elves. JK. It's a subject covered in detail here, and other places on ye 'Net. And it seems to be of no real utility in this case. For now.

Sheesh. At this point in time, I suggest moving any critical data off of your HDD to another drive, CD-ROM, whatever.

Perhaps I'm too fond of the fdisk and format solution. Yet it's very effective. I wish I'd chimed in on this thread earlier.

Some folks are lucky. They swap a mainboard and it's brand new BIOS causes no problems at all. However, I've done the lazy method too. Every time I've weaseled out of what I personally see as a mandatory step when swapping mobo's, that is fdisking then formatting the primary master HDD so that it shakes hands with the new BIOS properly, it either led to the kinds of problems stallen is having, or symptoms that are extremely amusing.

The pre-used HDD causes the weirdest things to happen a day or two after changing the mobo from under it. They actually make you laugh, because they are minor things that you've never seen before. Sorry, I can't remember them, exactly.

These tiny glitches indicate much deeper incompatability problems. Then it's time to get off of my lazy self and do the mobo swap CORRECTLY. "But I wanna save my poodle screen savers, they're too precious to lose."
Too bad!!
When the world will be better.

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